The tables are set at the Temple Shalom as they prepare to celebrate Passover.

Rabbi Joshua Lief says Passover celebrates the Israelites’ freedom from slavery in Egypt, and also celebrates the newness of spring.

This year it began Friday night (April 15) at sunset, and continues for a week.

He says among the Temple Shalom congregation, their tradition is for members to celebrate at home with family members the first night, and to come together as a congregation for a meal on the second night.

He said the meal will consist of matzah, horseradish, a sticky sweet fruit mixture, parsley and a boiled egg.

For this week, Jewish people are to avoid fermented beverages and foods and leavened bread.

Pots of parsley are growing on the window ledge at the temple in preparation.

Rabbi Lief says it’s a joyous holiday, so it’s appropriate to wish a Jewish person a happy Passover.