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Residents fear poor road condition could lead to devastating consequences

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) - There is a road so bad that school buses can no longer use it here in the Ohio Valley and cars and trucks are literally falling off the edge.

GC&P Road in Ohio County has always been narrow, but now it's narrow and broken. This is not the portion of GC&P Road that most people are familiar with, that's at the bottom of Route 88.

This is the portion that starts past Oglebay, halfway to West Liberty, that turns off at the former Henry's gas station. 

Kathy Green's family has lived on this road for more than a century.

"It's never been this bad. Never," Green said.

Her husband, Robert Green, said: "And the ruts are at least a foot, a foot and a half to two foot in places."

Last night they said a man's truck fell off the edge, where the weeds obscured the broken off part.

"It looked like he had room to pull his truck over some for another car to pass by, and there was nothing there. It was weeds," Kathy Green said.

They said to call the Department of Highways, there's no antagonism.

"They're very polite and they did come out and fix a couple spots," Kathy added.

Highway crews have placed large rocks along several slips, but hitting them could do more harm than good.

"They could damage your tires or anything else on your car," Robert said.

The Greens enjoy their rural property, complete with pet turkeys. They said the school bus can't use the road anymore, and they are raising their grandson.

Robert Green said, "And so I have to leave an hour early at work just to get my grandson to the bus point."

They said they'd like to see the road fixed, really fixed, before someone gets hurt.

One of the neighbors got an email from the Department of Highways and they shared it with us.

It said, "I am pleased to inform you that GC&P Road will be receiving maintenance by the end of August."

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