On Monday, State Senator Ryan Weld wrote a letter to Governor Jim Justice requesting that he ban and prohibit apps such as TikTok and WeChat, that are owned by Chinese-based tech companies, from state-owned cell phones, tablets, devices, computers, and networks.

Weld says this will order prevent them from being used to collect sensitive personal data and government information that may be stored on the devices.

He says when he was in the Air Force he was an Intel Officer and he says because of that he is well aware of the cyber attack threats the U.S. faces.

“Many of those cyber attacks emanate from and originate from Peoples Republic of China and they could be government organizations, military organizations, or state sanctioned third parties in so I think that because they’re owned by tech companies that under Chinese law would have to give their data that they have collected through them to the communist government. I think we really need to take a hard look at that and ensure that we’re not allowing ourselves to be more vulnerable to these types of attacks.”

Sen. Ryan Weld – (R) West Virginia

Weld says 16 other states have already taken action on this as well as several federal agencies, and he thinks this is something West Virginia needs to do as well.