(WTRF) – When it comes to government, sometimes an exchange of ideas can be beneficial. West Virginia will have a seat in a new initiative that allows lawmakers from here in the United States and overseas to collaborate. 

West Virginia State Senator Ryan Weld was selected to take part in the Aspen Institute Germany’s Transatlantic Laboratories of Democracy Initiative. 

I was very surprised when they reached out to me and I’m just really looking forward to being a part of it.

State Senator Ryan Weld, (R) 1st District

As part of this fellowship, Weld and seven other state legislators from across the U.S. will travel to Germany and exchange ideas with seven members of the country’s state parliament. 

The focus will be on climate and energy policies. 

Obviously West Virginia is one of the leading states in the nation of energy production, so I just thought that it was important for West Virginia to have its perspective, its roll as a part of this conversation.

State Senator Ryan Weld, (R) 1st District

Initiative members will also gather later this year in the United States and Weld is hoping to get some to visit West Virginia.

State legislators from New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, Florida and Washington are also taking part.