OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – September is National Voter Registration Month. With election season approaching, it’s important that if you are not registered to vote, you take the time to do so. It only takes a few minutes, and there’s many ways to do it. 

Any resident of Ohio County can come to the courthouse and register to vote in person at the Voter Registration Office on the second floor. 

You can also call their office and have a hard card sent to you for you to mail in, or you can register online on the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website at wvsos.com. 

First time voters are required to submit a copy of a current and valid ID, or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and current address. 

Voting is your right as an American citizen, and registration is the first step in exercising that right. 

”I think the normal person just wants to be a registered voter to get their opinion of who they want to represent them to be out there. You as a citizen – that’s your right to vote, and then you get to choose who represents you, so it’s very important.“

Toni Chieffalo – Ohio County Election Coordinator

When you register to vote, you are registered for life as long as you continue to vote. 

All voter registration cards must be in by October 18th, for the 2022 General Election, which takes place on November 8th

The county elections office is working on reaching out to both Wheeling Park High School and Central Catholic High School to set up voter registration drives in their classrooms, in order to get more young, registered voters who are eligible from the schools.