WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — When the State of West Virginia was born, the nation was in chaos.

It took a person of strength, vision and energy to be the first governor of the Mountain State.

And Arthur Boreman was that person.

Now a group of area history lovers wants to erect a statue of Boreman on the lawn of Independence Hall.
They say he’s gotten very little recognition, yet he was a huge presence in creating West Virginia.

“This was 1863. The middle of the Civil War. Gettysburg had not been fought yet. Nobody knew how this was going to turn out. The Confederates would have loved to have gotten hold of him and Pierpont and taken them south or killed them. So these men were putting their lives on the line.”

Margaret Brennan, Wheeling Historian

They had to name the new state. They considered calling it Vandalia, Augusta, Kanawha or New Virginia.

They, of course, decided on West Virginia.

The plan is to put up an 8-foot statue of Boreman on a three-foot base.

To support the project, you can donate to CFOV–the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley–and specify “for the Boreman Statue.”