WASHINGTON D.C. (WTRF) – Congressional leaders appear to be on the brink of a COVID-19 economic aid package.

There’s no deal yet, but Senator Shelley Moore Capito believes the end is in sight.

Senator Capito is very optimistic it’ll get approved, maybe even as early as tomorrow.

If it goes through, small businesses, restaurants, schools, and people facing unemployment will be impacted by this.

There’s also money that Senator Capito said should help people dealing with addiction, as well as some money for rural broadband. Senator Capito says this will help with tele-health and virtual schooling.

She has faith it’ll be approved before next week.

I’m very optimistic that we are not going to leave Washington before we pass a COVID relief. I think the leadership is signaling there is agreement being reached. A lot of the rough spots are being evened out.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, (R) West Virginia

Senator Capito says it looks like additional individual stimulus checks will also be going out.

The amount hasn’t been determined yet, but Capito believes it’ll be somewhere around $600 and $700.