BETHANY, W.Va. (WTRF) — When you think of waterfalls, you probably imagine the breathtaking views of Niagara or Yosemite.

But West Virginia’s mountains mean the beauty of falling water is never too far—no plane ticket required.

It’s easy to miss Parkinson’s Forest at the back of Bethany College, with only a small map marking the start.

But the sleepy wooded area is about to see many more boots on its path with its new recognition as a West Virginia waterfall trail.

The Tourism Department has a new guide specifically for falling streams along the country roads.

Bethany is now home to one of the 38 on the list, and is even among the heavy hitters like the ones near the New River Gorge.

The Department says the map was by popular demand.

“Travelers love trails. Whether that’s brewery trails or music trails, and even historic landmark trails. So the West Virginia Waterfall trail was our way of kind of marrying those two things and sharing the natural beauty of the Mountain State with visitors in a fun and interactive way.”

Lauren Hough, Public Relations Manager, WV Department of Tourism

The criteria for the waterfall is that it has to be open to visitors and safely accessible.

There’s even a digital passport for the hardcore hikers, allowing them to check in to each one to say that they’ve conquered the trail.

Now if you’d like to journey out to Parkinson’s Waterfall yourself—It’s only about a 10-minute walk from campus.