Talking Trump Variety Show Premieres July 16 at the Granary in Berkeley Springs

A monthly variety show called Talking Trump will premiere Friday July 16, 2021 at 7:30 pm at the Granary in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

The cornerstone of the show on July 16 will be a political discussion between Talking Trump host Russell Mokhiber and Eric Pritchard,  a Morgan County Republican who supports Donald Trump.

Mokhiber is an independent who is opposed to the politics of Democrats and Republicans, Biden and Trump.

Mokhiber favors a new independent politics outside the Republican and Democratic parties.

“Let’s stop the spewing on social media and have the discussion face to face and in person,” Mokhiber said.

The show will feature music by the Talking Trump house band, a folklore dance performance by Talking Trump house belly dancer Miramar, and stand up comedy.

Mokhiber will be joined on stage by Talking Trump house Canadian Gordon MacLeod.

Future shows will feature other variety acts and political interviews.

For reservations for the July 16 show, call the Granary at (304) 820-8499,