WEST VIRGINIA (WTRF) — The United States topped 100,000 drug-related deaths in 2021—and the tragic record can be blamed on one fatal opioid.

Despite warning the country for years about fentanyl, West Virginia’s attorney general says education about it will still be a big push for him in 2023.

Patrick Morrisey says he will use every civil tool he has to fight off what he calls an avoidable killer, especially since it’s too often put in substances where it’s least expected.

I’ve been going out to the schools, talking about what happens with vaping. That if some fentanyl is laced in that vape, you could die almost instantaneously. That’s a huge problem. We need more attention on this fentanyl epidemic, and I think that’s probably the greatest role of all that we can play.

Patrick Morrisey, (R)-West Virginia Attorney General

Morrisey is also focused on major litigation with several pharmacy chains.

Last month Walgreens settled a lawsuit claiming it didn’t control its supply of opioids to West Virginia…and the AG alleges that Kroger did the same.