WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)–Our past is somewhat like building blocks for our future and West Virginia has quite the foundation built.

The rolling mountains are filled with more than a century and a half of historic events that made the gold and blue beauty that we know and love.   

Betsy Sweeny is the director of Heritage Programming at Wheeling Heritage.  

She says each year the state’s birthday is special because West Virginia is the only state that was a part of another and decided to separate.   

When Virginia, which Wheeling was a part of, decided that they would sign with the confederate states… What is now West Virginia didn’t feel the same way. And they wanted to align with the Union and so through a series of meetings and debates it was ultimately decided that they would leave the state of Virginia and hope to become their own state.

Betsy Sweeny, Director of Heritage Programming at Wheeling Heritage  

She says that Wheeling was the original capital when the state became independent, so the Friendly City is filled with historic landmarks and memories.   

You can see them across the city at places like Independence Hall on Market Street and of course there is the iconic suspension bridge.   

The Ohio County Library also breaks down the timeline of each historic event in a display.