(WTRF)- Popular rising wrestling organization All Elite Wrestling (AEW) made its stop in Pittsburgh this week with a live tv show on Wednesday and another live tv show airing on Friday, which will be the debut of the brands new show ‘Rampage.’

One of the wrestlers for AEW, Nyla Rose, the first transgender wrestler for AEW, took to Twitter to let her fans know what she thought of the Ohio Valley.

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‘Pittsburgh is West Virginia that wants to be New York,’ said Rose in a tweet.

Later a fan asked ‘What’s wrong with West Virginia? And we would never want to be New York.’

Rose replied, ‘I am only allowed 280 characters… there is no way in hell I could explain everything wrong with West Virginia with that. Wouldn’t even scratch the surface. Besides 86% of those hillbillies wouldn’t be able to read it anyway’

AEW ‘Rampage’ airs live on TNT at 10 PM.