CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Worsening inflation and increasing gas prices are not making it easy for anyone in the tri-state area.

“Our gas budget has almost doubled, and it’s still rising so,” said concerned resident, Mindi Diamond.

Diamond said she is considering trading in her SUV for a more fuel-efficient car, but other people are resorting to trading things that are near and dear to their hearts for cash at pawn shops.

“We have been seeing some new faces,” said store manager of Tri-State Pawn and Jewelry, Joshua Hobson. “It’s usually just kind of the regulars and stuff that kind of use us for a bank essentially, but there are a lot of new people that are coming in.”

13 News visited five different pawn shops in the Cabell County area, and at each one the story is similar. Workers said people are selling their electronics, jewelry and other personal items, just to be able to fill up their gas tanks.

“There’s people that has to, and that’s a shame they have to do that, especially if it’s personal,” said concerned resident, Larry Adkines. “You know they really need something, and they love what they have, and they have to sell it.”

Residents are starting to see a trend in friends frequenting pawn shops.

“I got some friends that, that’s all they do,” said concerned resident Mark Mills. “They scrap for extra money.”

Whether it’s scrapping or pawning, it’s not just to fill up the tank.

“Groceries went through the roof of course,” Hobson said. “So everyone’s just like struggling to eat. They are obviously going to find food to eat first before that, then they’ll come here and get money for their utility bills, gas, etcetera.”

Many residents are worried prices will just continue to rise, leaving them uneasy and wondering what other sacrifices they will have to make just to make it day to day.

“If you take one thing up, it will take away from something else,” said concerned resident, Hannah Remy. “That will make it a lot harder for people to budget and get by because people already live paycheck to paycheck.”