CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation has made electronic tablets accessible to its prison inmates.

Global Tel Link has funded the tablets through a partnership with the state’s prison system, at no cost to taxpayers.

Apps available to prison inmates include email, video visitation, and multimedia, such as music, games and movies.

The tablets does not include a normal browser and only select websites are available.

Facilities do have the ability to monitor tablets at all times and shut off one, some or all, as necessary.

The tablets give inmates the incentive to behave and follow the rules, so they don’t lose this privilege. They have given inmates an opportunity to visit with family and friends who are not able to make it to the facility. It allows their children to have more contact with them This has seemed to improve inmate moral overall.

J.T. Binion, DCR Regional Director

West Virginia started began its electronic tablet program last year at Saint Marys Correctional Center as a pilot.

Since then, the program has expanded across the Mountain State and officials say the safety for both staff and inmates have improved.

Having access to email communication allowed for less paper mail to be processed through our mail room. This afforded staff to spend more time looking for contraband that may be contained in the mail.

Patrick Mirandy, Operations Chief for DCR Bureau of Community Corrections

Long-term plans included expanded the program at the work-release centers and the state’s 10 regional jails.

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