WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A child’s cancer diagnosis is news no parent is ever ready to receive.

Oftentimes they’re not prepared for the treatment and expense that goes with it either—and that’s where a West Virginia foundation comes in.

Walking Miracles makes sure patients, survivors and their families are ready for the fight.

That can be through helping pay for travel to treatment, or through helping them understand just what their diagnosis means.

They even provide a tablet loaded with resources like hotels and hospitals.

Walking Miracles’ CEO is a survivor of leukemia and lymphoma, and says standard cancer treatments can take several years.

Then you have to get to and from the treatments for that period of time. So either you lose an income because somebody has to quit working to take the child…We have different tools to be able to guide people and help people so they don’t have to do what we did.

Brett Wilson, CEO, Walking Miracles Family Foundation

They focus on children, adolescents and young adults, ranging from age 2 to 39.

The organization has even worked with hotels to lower rates for those traveling to treatment.