Wellsburg, WV (WTRF)- The Wellsburg Bridge was moved into place Monday. The jacks are scheduled to be removed Tuesday.

A change in wind predictions for Tuesday has prompted officials to turn a two-day project into one.

Adam Lytton of ODOT said Tuesday’s predicted wind speeds will not allow them to finish the job then, so they plan to work “as long as it takes” today (Monday) to raise the superstructure and place it on the piers. 

The trip began at 6:20 a.m. from the construction yard where it was built to its destination—the piers that will be its permanent home, one mile downriver.

Time-Lapse Footage Of Wellsburg Bridge

Officials say the bridge traveled just less than one mile an hour, on four barges, steered by towboats but propelled mostly by the force of the river.

Tony Clark, W.Va. Department of Transportation district engineer, said it could have gone faster, but that wouldn’t have been advisable because it would have been hard to stop.

Clark said the bridge’s superstructure weighs 10 million pounds.

The floating of a bridge has never been done in West Virginia. 

It will connect Wellsburg with Brilliant, and will dramatically decrease drive time for travelers.

People in Wellsburg or Brilliant have to drive eight miles north or 13 miles south to get to the nearest bridge.

People have talked about the need for a bridge here for at least four decades. 

This span won’t open to traffic until October 2022.