WEIRTON, W.Va. (WTRF) — Weirton has once again been named the safest city in all of West Virginia. Leaders say there are some key factors that make it so safe.

Elite Personal Finance used the city’s number of violent crimes and divides them by the city’s population.

Their crime factor was calculated as point 49.

City officials say that is because Weirton police officers are very involved in their community. They are in the schools and they volunteer their time to help those in need.

Weirton Police Department, Chief Charlie Kush said, ” The officers do an amazing job; these officers are out there on the streets on a daily basis, visibility is high, their response time is great and we have a lot of resources at our fingers.”

Kush says what also helps is the neighbors are constantly looking out for one another and utilizing the officers when they see something suspicious.

And the city supports the department, whatever equipment is needed for them to do their jobs they do their best to get it for them.

Weirton City Manager Mike Adams said, “We also have a mayor and a council that is willing to appropriate money to keep them well equipped to fight crime and  to stay safe on the job.  We all know it’s a dangerous job, but a very important job. “

Weirton continues to attract new businesses and Weirton Mayor Harold Miller says this will only help more going forward for future projects.

Miller said, “But I’ve always preached the fact that a safe city is an attractive city, not just for residents but for businesses. It’s also a necessary and useful when you’re trying to develop business in our community. Right now we’re a hot spot. Where we’re located is a hot spot.”

City officials also say they are striving to be the safest city again for 2022.

Weirton is the sixth largest city in the Mountain State. 

It is the second largest city in the form of mileage.