BRILLIANT, Ohio (WTRF) – Building a bridge between the communities of Brilliant and Wellsburg was mentioned for the first time in the 1920s – nearly a century ago.  

The opening of the Wellsburg bridge is a historic day for the Ohio Valley, especially the Northern Panhandle.  

Wells Township Trustees commented on economic impact and some future projects now that the bridge is officially open.  

City officials from both sides of the river have told 7News the same thing.  

The Wellsburg Bridge is going to help spark economic growth and development for Ohio and West Virginia.  

A drive that use to take 40 minutes now cut down to five will help commerce travel, business and make our area more attractive for development.  

Now that the bridge is completed, Wells Township Trustees say they are working to make travel even easier. 

“We have the Buckeye Power and the Cardinal Plant down here. The employees from, say, Bentwood or Wellsburg or Follansbee. It’ll cut their drive time to come to work way in half. We’ll have a lot of interaction between the fire departments and things like that nature.” 

Ben Batenburg | Chairman Wells Township Board of Trustees

Some future projects to look forward to now that the bridge is completed:

“Well, one of the things is there’ll be a park and ride behind us here and people will have access to park there and Steel Valley Transit will come down for a cost of whether it’s $0.50 a day or $40 a year to go from here to Wheeling and back, or vice versa from here to Steubenville.” 

J.J. Kamerer | Vice Chairman Wells Township Board of Trustees

Kamerer says the transit will even take people up to Robinson, Pennsylvania.