CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – Generation Z will be the next business owners, health officials, and state officials.  

Knowing that full and well, West Virginia’s leaders are paving the way for youth in the state to find firm ground in their futures.   

Governor Jim Justice said this initiative will incentivize youth to be positive influences, appropriately called ‘Game Changer’. 

It’s designed to fight back against the opioid epidemic hitting the nation, and more specifically how it hurts West Virginia. 

Governor Justice was deemed the head coach in the movement for the state and seven virtual summits will happen right here in the Mountain State. 

So as not to take away from the big event, details were tabled Wednesday after the Governor’s press conference dealt with COVID-19 spikes.

Governor Justice continues to say this program is a game changer. 

This terrible opioid abuse, the terrible situation that’s happened to so many of our young people as well as our old, it’s a way for us to fight back against this terrible epidemic that’s just stricken West Virginia.

Governor Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

There are two major fundraisers coming up for the program.

The first, “Small Change Big Difference”, involves pocket change bins and the more than 100 Par Mar Convenient stores in the state.

Partnered with Mountaineer Marts and Pepsi, if you buy two 20 or 24 ounce bottles of Pepsi, Pepsi Freeze, or Diet Pepsi, between July 15 and September 15, a portion will go to youth programs. 

The second involves Mountain State Walmarts and Pepsi called “Together We Make Change”.  

Pepsi will donate a percentage of money from products bought in Walmarts throughout the state. 

Organizers say Game Changer will be addressed in the next weeks when the Governor hopes COVID-19 won’t take away from this huge event.