A West Virginia man has been arrested after police say he admitted to beating another man with a baseball bat after witnessing a sexual encounter.

Parkersburg Police say Joshua Adam Polsley went to a home in the late evening hours of 12/22/ 21 to have a sexual encounter with a woman. Police then say Bradley Steven Wright allegedly entered the living room of the residence from another room and began to attack Polsley with a baseball bat.

The police say Polsley was able to leave the residence and made it to his grandmother’s house but not before Wright struck and kicked Polsley several times.

Police report that Polsley was found by a friend at his residence and was taken to a hospital where doctors found he had a brain bleed and broken cheekbones, among other issues.

Polsley was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital on January 4, where police say he died on January 5.

Police say Wright voluntarily came to the Parkersburg Police Department after a search warrant was issued and that’s where Wright admitted that he did strike Polsley “half a dozen times”

Wright has been charged with Malicious Assault, arraigned in Wood County Magistrate Court, and bond was set at $150.000.