West Virginia man charged with shooting a ‘buck’ at night with a 22 magnum rifle

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A West Virginia man was charged with multiple hunting violations after officials found a severed head of a large buck in a hatchback of an SUV.

West Virginia State police say received a call about an abandoned unregistered vehicle near Orlando, WV, when located they noticed several bullet holes and blood smeared along the outside of the vehicle.

After an investigation and interviewing the suspect, police say it was determined that he had killed the deer under a dusk to dawn light at night with a .22 magnum rifle off his front porch.

Police say they found the deer hanging in the garage the next day. According to police, the suspect stated that the deer never came to his feeder during the daylight hours and he couldn’t help himself.

The suspect was issued four citations and the deer was seized. The suspect pled guilty to all four charges and was levied $781.00 in fines and court costs with an additional $3,000.00 replacement fee for the trophy class buck, totaling $3,781.00.

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