Eric Hayhurst has formally announced his candidacy for the West Virginia State Senate.

Hayhurst is seeking to represent the 2nd Senatorial District which includes all of Wetzel, Tyler, and Doddridge counties and part of Marion, Marshall, and Monongalia counties, respectively.

“This campaign is about giving the people of the second district a loud and clear voice in Charleston. Hard working West Virginians and their families are being ignored and forgotten in the Capitol building and it’s time to put them, and their issues, first”, Hayhurst shared as his main reason for entering the race.

Hayhurst noted how his platform as a Wetzel County native and resident of Monongalia County will benefit the area he hopes to represent.

“It’s certainly a unique district geographically, but many people are experiencing the same problems namely a crumbling infrastructure, an uncontrolled opioid epidemic, and a lack of good paying, reliable jobs, which I’ll make my mission to improve.”

According to a press release, Hayhurst noted the importance of making West Virginia a place where future generations can succeed and thrive.

“Education is priority number one. It is really the key to many of the other issues facing West Virginia. Bolstering education in West Virginia, including providing necessary resources to students and teachers, will make West Virginia a destination for people and businesses. We will attract good, high-paying jobs in various sectors so we can keep our children here and make West Virginia the best place to raise a family again.”

Hayhurst described how he sees the 2022 election, “This is an important election for the
future of West Virginia. Unfortunately, in the last couple of legislative sessions, the Republican
leadership has failed to address the important issues facing West Virginia, and have decided to
focus on divisive issues, creating a further divide between West Virginians and turning new
people and jobs away.”

“I am not a party politician,” noted Hayhurst, “I am an American and a West Virginian who is
focused on finding real solutions to real problems facing West Virginia. My objective in the
Legislature will not be pleasing my party, but to do what is right and move West Virginia