A West Virginia woman was arrested after police responded to a hectic scene at an Emergency Room.

Police from Princeton West Virginia say when they arrived inside Princeton Community Hospital they located an irate visitor.

Princeton police say when they arrived on the scene they saw a woman wrestling on the floor with ER staff as well as a security guard bleeding from his nose, eye, and finger.

When trying to take custody of the woman, police say the woman turned and bit an officer on his right shoulder.

Before police arrived, the woman was allegedly very abusive to the hospital staff regarding their policies.

Police say the woman was arguing with staff and leaped over her mother (who was a patient in a hospital bed) and punched a staff member repeatedly in the face causing several lacerations and bleeding. The accused had also maimed one of the staff member’s fingers by biting it.

Melissa Compton was placed used arrest for Malicious Wounding, Battery, Battery on a Police Officer, and Battery on a Healthcare Worker.

She was transported to Southern Regional Jail