Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – So you’ve made it.

The kids have left home, you’ve saved your whole life to have a nest egg, and you’re finally at the age where you can retire.

Now all that’s left to do is find a place to do it, and chances are you’re in the right spot.

West Virginia is kind of a place, you know, it’s pretty, it’s very scenic, cost of living is exceptionally low, so I think it’s a good relocation place for people especially who like the outdoors.

Jason Haswell, Managing Director, Monteverde Group

Magnify Money ranked West Virginia second in the nation for older adults in the best position for retirement.

They based it on factors like the high home ownership rate in the state, and how relatively few people here have mortgage payments.

Financial expert Jason Haswell says it’s important to keep those drains on your budget to a minimum after retiring.

But he stresses that the absolute most crucial way to hang on to that retirement fund—is to start building it early in your life.

Time is your friend with retirement.

Jason Haswell, Managing Director, Monteverde Group

It’s tough to think about when you’re 22 and just figuring out how to pay for rent and food.

But the good news is that for many jobs, all it takes is a look at your benefits.

Your 401K or 403-B plan means you can quietly save years in advance, and oftentimes your employer will contribute too.

If they’re going to match up to 6%, put in 6, that’s 12%, you’ve just doubled the amount you’re putting in on a yearly basis.

Jason Haswell, Managing Director, Monteverde Group

Whether it’s tucked away in the mountains or in the heart of downtown, your ideal retirement home is more than likely close by in the Mountain State.

And better yet—it won’t take as much out of your wallet as New York or California.

So during National Retirement Security Month—it’s a good time to think about how to put some money down on your future dreams.

Because it may be the difference in you retiring at 62 and 72, or 65 and never.

Jason Haswell, Managing Director, Monteverde Group