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Wheeling Chef wins top prize on Food Network game show


After a number of rounds, Matt took home the grand prize of $20,000 on Guy's Grocery Games, which aired on The Food Network Wednesday night. 



One of Wheeling's top chefs will be featured on the Food Network competing for up to $20,000.

Matt Welsch, the head chef at Vagabond Kitchen, competed on the Food Network game show Guy's Grocery Games, which involves cooking and competing in different challenges all within a grocery store.

Producers from the show found Matt Welsch through his Instagram and ask him to come be a contestant. He said yes, and that's something he'll never regret.

He said that the episode was filmed in one day, and for each challenge, he was only given 30 minutes to shop through the grocery store, cook the food, and plate his meal for the judges.

Now, Matt can't say exactly what happens during the episode, but what he can say is that it was an unforgettable experience.

"Hopefully this is the beginning of some larger stuff that I can do. The Vagabond Kitchen is a Wheeling and Ohio County centric company or restaurant but it's a world minded restaurant, so there's a lot more things that I would like to do both in and out of the area."

Vagabond Kitchen will be hosting a viewing party Wednesday night starting at 8 PM. The kitchen will close at 8 as well.

The episode will air on the Food Network February 21st at 9 PM.

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