WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Most folks in the Wheeling Area are well aware that the Reverend Darrell Cummings works tirelessly to help the underprivileged here in the Wheeling area.

But just recently he traveled halfway across the world, all the way to South Africa. It was an opportunity to serve those in need and he was quick to answer the call. 7News reporter Dan Mayers, caught up with the Reverend, who gives us the details on a trip that he calls life- changing. 

” The trip came about. I was blessed earlier this year to be raised to the level of our Bishops in our denomination, Bishop Gewndolyn Weeks, who is one of our first women Bishops, is the Bishop of South Africa. And she asked if I would come over and support her mission trip “

Bishop Darrell Cummings – Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

The trip began in Johannesburg on October 10. From there he was flown to Port Elizabeth where they spent nine days ministering to those in need. Bishop Darrell Cummings described South Africa as a country of contrast. Conditions ranged from extraordinary wealth to extreme poverty. Heart wrenching was conditions, especially for children.

Bishop Cummings said the food lines were long and included both children and adults. He said many families lived in make-shift buildings that resembled railroad cars. Neighborhoods had one spigot of water, for the whole neighborhood.

However, it was the pleas of one particular child that Bishop Cummings says he will never forget.

“He literally chased the car that we were in. He knocked on the window and one of the questions he asked was is there anymore. It hurt my heart to let him know they had given it all away”

– Bishop Darrell Cummings – Bethlehem Apostolic Temple

Now back, Cummings is hard at work preparing for the Thanksgiving basket giveaway. He says South Africa will always hold a special place in his heart but his top priority is serving those here.