HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The Board of Education met Monday night to discuss a number of items– one being the future of the Weir High Red Rider Mascot.

Alumni of Weir High came to the meeting to defend the controversial logo, while some of those on the opposite side of the fence came to press the board to remove it.

Michael Keffer– class of 97′, brought a generalized pledge to the meeting today and proposed for board members to sign it in support of keeping the current name and red rider mascot, but says he’s okay with scraping the current logo.

So far, one board member signed it, and one asked for more information on it. Something he says is a step in the right direction.

Just the generalized history of how far this thing goes back. It’s not really about the actual cartoon character as much as we just want to preserve what’s been there for many, many years and many, many years to come.


Keffer believes there could be a great workshop to come of this and hopefully a compromise. As of last week– over 2,250 people signed a petition in support of the Red Rider logo.

We will keep you updated.