CHARLESTON, W.Va. – (WTRF) – Governor Jim Justice announced that yesterday marked the lowest rate of positive cases, since Covid-19 was first detected in West Virginia. But as with Monday’s briefing, many of the questions focused again on protesters.

The governor urged people who are protesting in West Virginia, over the death of George Floyd, to do so peacefully and to wear masks and keep their distance. And he says if there is trouble, he will deploy the National Guard.

“If we get into a situation to where we’re having violence or looting, or damage to our buildings and businesses and everything, I won’t hesitate one second. Not one second, because we can’t have that,” said Gov. Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia.

Meanwhile state health officials now believe they have contained an outbreak in Randolph County, near the Huttonsville State Prison, where 119 inmates and 8 staff members came down with Covid-19. Randolph County health officials tested more than 800 community members on Saturday, and so far all tests have come back negative.

“It looks like it’s primarily among the facility itself, within the facility that we know of so far. And of course all of those employees that are involved, we do the routine normal contact tracing, and community contacts and follow up as well,” said Dr. Cathy Slemp, WV Public Health Officer.

The next big step in reopening the state economy will be when the five casinos operating in West Virginia can open their doors on Friday, along with movie theaters.

“As of now Governor Justice says he has no plans to call the Legislature back in for a special session to deal with Covid-19 and its financial impact on the state budget,” said Mark Curtis 13 News Chief Political Reporter.

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