OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — West Virginians crossing their fingers for some relief on high gas prices will not be getting a tax holiday after all.

As high gas prices chip away at our wallets, many are turning to our legislatures for a solution.

At one point Governor Jim Justice thought about suspending the state’s 35 point 7 cents a gallon gas tax for at least one month. But when it came to calling a special session of the legislature next week, the governor said no.

“From the standpoint of a gas tax holiday, there’s no point in you calling me. I mean really and truly we know exactly now where he majority stands, and the majority says they’re not interested.”

Gov. Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia

Governor Jim Justice calls a special session for a gas tax holiday ‘dead’ and a ‘total waste of time’.He also says it would cost taxpayer money.

But others disagree.

“Well we’re very disappointed, because this is something on a low level, on a very small level, we can help the people of West Virginia who need help in paying for their gasoline, now that it’s approaching $5 dollars a gallon across the region.”

Del. Jim Barach, (D) Kanawha

“We’re trying to have tax breaks for West Virginians who are struggling now during this gas crisis, and it’s falling on deaf ears, and I find it to be sad, quite frankly.”

Del. Shawn Fluharty, (D) West Virginia

At the same time, Governor Justice said the Biden administration is to blame for the high gas prices not West Virginia. But Delegate Shawn Fluharty says something still needs to be done at the state level.

“I think like we have a duty and obligation as legislators to act, and the response we’re given from the Governor and legislative leadership is that they’re not going to act. They have no intention of acting, at a time when the average West Virginia is struggling and needs all the help we can give them during this crisis.”

Del. Shawn Fluharty, (D) West Virginia

Fluharty believes the Governor has the authority to do something regardless of how much support the proposal has because West Virginia is under a state of emergency. He claims the Governor is just choosing not to.