(WTRF) – When a vacation comes to an end, many of us have experienced an overwhelming amount of stress. You take that week long trip only to return to low motivation to do just about anything. Psychologist Dr. Dee Nazarro says, it’s serious but not uncommon.

She says to fight the negative feelings, try to hold on to those vacation memories. For example, look at those pictures you took. You could even go one step further and print them out and make a photo album of your trip. You could also plan a new trip. But if those feelings don’t go away, Dr. Nazarro says that’s when it could be time to ask for help.

“If you’re finding you can’t get up in the morning, you don’t want to go to work in the morning, lost appetite or increased appetite, a sense of hopelessness or feelings of guilt. Then that’s the time, if they persist, to contact a mental health professionals.”

Dr. Dee Nazarro, licensed psychologist

Dr. Nazarro also says to make a point to ease yourself back into work when you return. Don’t schedule all those meetings on your first day back, and give yourself some time. She also recommended to take a vacation when you can. According to her, studies have indicated that time off can improve your overall mental health.