W.Va. (WTRF)– Creating a resume can seem overwhelming but whether you are starting from scratch or just need to update it, there are a few things experts say to do.  

Do keep it short and organized. 

Sam Falbo with Career Strategy Consultants says your resume is your first impression. 

He says the hiring process has changed quite a bit in the last decade. 

Many employers use digital systems to scan resumes.  

It searches for key words, so he says incorporate words that are used in the listed job description and make sure to highlight your experience.  

There’s a little bit of a disconnect as far as showing the full employment history.

That is the start date to end date, the position held, whether that be several positions over a course of a decade or a short stand at a certain employer.

Then on top of that from the employment side, just the specific responsibilities and requirements that the job had as well as any type of accomplishments or achievements that the person has had in the role itself as well.

Sam Falbo, VP of Human Resources, Career Strategy Consultants

Anything that is not specifically relevant to the position should be left out. 

He says only 5-10% of your resume should show who you are as a person.  

Falbo says a big mistake that they often see is incorrect contact information. 

He says it’s critical that the company can get in contact with you.  

Before you submit it, double check your phone number and email address to see if it is accurate or you might never get the call.