BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — Coming up on September 3, it will be eight years since the potential Belmont County Ethane Cracker plant project was first unveiled to the public.

The announcement, held in the Belmont County Commission chambers, was hailed as a huge project for the area’s economy as well as the state’s.

A tremendous amount of site prep work was done in Dilles Bottom, where it was to be built.

But since then, PTT Global gained–and then lost–a partner in the venture, and things became stalled.

Still, no one is writing it off, especially the Belmont County commissioners.

“Projects of this size, first off, take time. And that is without a pandemic occurring during that time frame which completely changes a lot of dynamics as we all know. So we remain in contact with company officials, they keep us update when they hit certain markers, so we expect those updates and conversations to continue and in the meantime, yeah we remain very optimistic.”

J.P. Dutton | President | Belmont County Commission

Commission President J.P. Dutton says the county is fortunate to have such an ideal site for the project, all prepared and ready for construction.