WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)– He has run every race since the start of it all.  

Tim Cogan is one of four runners who has completed the Ogden Wellness Weekend half marathon 44 times.

They call him Ironman and he says he can’t imagine not running in this race.  

At the age of 74 he says he was proud to cross the finish line and wasn’t even last. 

Well, it’s just sort of the tradition on Memorial Day, I just can’t imagine getting up and watching the race go past me, if you know it’s part of my life.

I’m doing it for 44 years, competing this year was just trying to avoid being the last.

And I did it through heroic efforts. I was the third last.

Tim Cogan, Ohio County

Cogan says what makes this race so special is the remarkable community support.  

He says people were cheering him on the whole way and when he crossed the finish line, he was proud to be a part of something bigger than himself.  

I know you are all wondering. Will he run for a year 45?

Cogan says he will see you at the starting line.