WHEELING, W.Va (WTRF) – Halloween is here and although it is one of the most fun days of the year, it can also be very dangerous for those trick-or-treating.

Between the costumes, spooky decorations and of course the candy, Halloween is certainly a favorite amongst kiddos. But it’s important to keep yourself and others safe while trick-or-treating.

7News spoke with the Wheeling Police Department who gave us a few safety tips on how you can keep you and your family out of harm’s way while trick-or-treating this year.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to pick out or even make the perfect Halloween costume.  

And even though you may not want to “ruin” the look by wearing reflective gear – it’s for your safety.  

Lieutenant Josh Sanders with the Wheeling Police Department says it becomes harder for motorists to see trick-or-treaters as the night goes on.  

Brightening up a costume with reflective tape, lights or even glow sticks ensure motorists can see you.  

He also warns parents and trick or treaters to not run out in the road, and to make sure you are using crosswalks.  

Lt. Sanders also had tips for those passing out candy.  

“Make sure your property is as clean and safe. Leaves off the steps. Make sure there’s nothing anybody can trip on. If you’re having your own Halloween party and handing out candy, you know, maybe not have a bonfire right next to where you’re handing candy out. We don’t want anybody to get hurt while they’re approaching somebody’s house.” 

Lieutenant Josh Sanders | Wheeling Police Department

Lt. Sanders says drivers need to get off their phone, stay alert and drive slowly, especially through residential areas.  

For parents, he says to make sure you check your child’s candy.

If it’s homemade, you probably should not consume it.

And, if the candy wrapper has been tampered with – just throw the candy away.

Lt. Sanders says they are going to have extra officers patrolling in every neighborhood throughout Wheeling to ensure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.