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Will your leftover fireworks still be good next year? We spoke with an expert


Hot dogs were grilled, our Independence celebrated, and fireworks were launched, but what should you do with extra fireworks?

The Fourth of July is the biggest time of year for fireworks and countless were launched. 

You may have some leftover fireworks or firecrackers, but are these safe to save for next year?

“They’ll still be good, as long as you store them correctly, they’ll be good.  “They don’t expire.  As long as you keep them in a cool dry place, they’re good for a good long period of time.” 

PJ Harto – General Manager, Fireworks Supermarket

Fireworks Supermarket General Manager PJ Harto said they’re good as new for about a year, but they eventually degrade. 

“After that they start losing potency and you have potential for the cardboard tubes breaking down and malfunctions.” 

PJ Harto – General Manager, Fireworks Supermarket

That means they will still be good for next year’s Independence Day celebrations, but they won’t be perfect after that.  

“When you leave them sit for a long time they can become less potent.  One of them might not shoot off, they may malfunction.  They may stay in the tube.” 

PJ Harto – General Manager, Fireworks Supermarket

Safety is a major priority when using pyrotechnics so feel free talk to the experts if you have questions. 

“If you really don’t know what you’re doing, its okay, as us.  We’ll let you know.  We’ll give you some safety tips.” 

PJ Harto – General Manager, Fireworks Supermarket

If you have any leftover fireworks sitting around that did not launch properly, get them as wet as possible. 

“After you’re done with them, always wet them down.  Completely soak them.  Dunk them in the trash can, get a hose, and completely soak them down.” 

PJ Harto – General Manager, Fireworks Supermarket

He recommends keeping them in a cool and dry place for safety and preservation, but it has been very hot outside. 

If you left it in the sun and heat, is there any danger of an accidental explosion? 

“Direct spark is what’s going to light the stuff.  The heat is not doing to do anything to them.” 

PJ Harto – General Manager, Fireworks Supermarket

So if you have any fireworks left, try to use them within the next year to get the biggest bang for your buck.  

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