A woman was arrested and charged after she hit a man in the head with a ‘whole chicken’

Minnesota police in Eagle Lake say the received a 911 call from a person needing assistance. Police say when the call came in, they could hear yelling in the background.

When police arrived, they said they could hear yelling from inside the residence.

Police say they tried to arrest a woman named Natalie Bruemmer, who was staying at the place with a warrant out for her arrest.

Bruemmer allegedly became aggressive and began pulling her hands away from officers when they tried to handcuff her.

Police say Bruemmer was yelling and kicking her legs around when being escorted out of the residence.

The person who called 911 told police that Bruemmer allegedly hit him and spit in his face. Once they got home, Bruemmer hit the victim with a whole chicken in the back of the head.

Police say the victim still had chicken residue in his hair.

Bruemmer has pending domestic assault charges in which she previously alleged to have assaulted the victim.