The employee that was in a viral Waffle House brawl was on Fox News on Tuesday and said she was written up for property damage after the incident and has since been blacklisted.

Halie Booth worked at a Waffle House in Austin Texas when the fight happened in the viral video.

Booth said a large group came in and wanted to seat in a section that was closed off and demanded service.

Booth also said she was the only cook that night and the group was drunk or intoxicated.

The demands didn’t stop, Booth said, Booth claimed the group demanded that ‘White girl’ cook their food and one girl started throwing silverware and kicked food and plates.

Booth allegedly threw a sugar shaker at the woman, and then the woman climbed on the counter into the cooking area. She was removed from the area and then grabbed a chair threw it at Booth. That’s when the viral moment happened when Booth caught the chair with her hand and threw it to the ground.

After the mayhem, Booth said she was called in with her boss and was written up for destruction of property for throwing the sugar shaker.

Booth also claimed that her manager told her she did a good job protecting the restaurant.

Eventually, Booth left the job, citing that her relationship was getting more serious and she moved but when she tried to get a job at a different Waffle House she claimed she was blacklisted from the chain restaurant.

The ‘Waffle House Wendy’ had a GoFundMe set up for her that went past the goal of $5,000, according to Fox News.