BELMONT AND JEFFERSON COUNTIES, O.H (WTRF) — 7News is your local election headquarters and 100% of the votes are in tonight for your local Ohio Primary Election.

Starting off with the Fourth Ward Democratic Seat in Steubenville, Scott M. Dressel (33.33%) VS. Royal Mayo (66.67%). Mayo will take the seat here.

Staying in Steubenville with the .7% income tax renewal– it passes with ease with a vote of 80.13% for the tax renewal and 19.87% against.

Now, onto the .3% percent income tax renewal in Steubenville– it passes on a landslide vote of 80% for the renewal and 20% against.

Also in Jefferson County, Cross Creek township voted tonight on their property renewal — 60 percent yes, 40 percent no– the renewal passes.

And looking over to Belmont County now for their only race–
100% of the votes are in, and the fourth ward council seat goes to Rick Rodgers with 41 of 61 votes. He went head to head with Pamela Shrodes for the seat.