(WTRF) – Every election is important, but midterm elections often get less voter attention than they deserve.

That’s the opinion of Ohio University Associate Professor of Political Science Kevin Spiker.

He said historically, mid term elections are referendums on how the party in the White House is doing. In every election in the last century, except for three, the voters have turned thumbs down on the sitting president’s party.

These off year elections do have lower voter turnout, but the professor said they’re important and here’s why.

They ultimately determine the balance of power in both chambers of the legislature, our Congress, and which ever party controls Congress ultimately has tremendous influence over the laws we as citizens have to live under.

Kevin Spiker, Associate Professor of Political Science, Ohio University

Spiker will be with 7News on Election Night.

He’ll be our special guest and political consultant during our election coverage, analyzing races in the tri-state area and all over the nation.

Spiker said six of those seats will determine the balance of power in the country.