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If you live in Island Creek Township and want first responders service to continue, then the fire and EMS departments want you to vote yes on Tuesday.

Officials say the Island Creek Township Fire and EMS Levy that’s on the ballot is for 6 mils and it replaces the 5 mils that are already in place.

When you go to vote, it will show up as an additional levy, but that isn’t actually the case.

Township Trustees will adopt the new 6 mils levy in place of the 5 mils if it passes.

“It does show on the ballot as being an additional levy because there are five existing levies so we can’t have it on the ballot as a replacement because we have to have individual items on the ballot so it is an additional levy, but the trustees voted at they’re October meeting that they would resend the other five levees if this levy passed. So we would go in the township from 5 miles to 6 mils.”

Chief Rob Herrington – Wintersville Fire Department

It will be divided up between the Fire and EMS that respond to the township.

There will be three and a half mils for the fire protection.

And two and a half mils for EMS protection.

The new levy amount would go into effect on January 1st, 2023 if passed.

For a full breakdown of the levy, you can check Wintersville Fire and Rescue’s Facebook page.