OAK GLEN- Oak Glen is another team who welcomes in a new maestro. Doug Taylor, a Golden Bear from the Class of 1978, reigns in 2022.

“It starts off with senior leadership and good coaching. I think I’ve got a really good staff and I’ve got 8 strong senior leaders that’s going to help us this year and get better and better each day.”

Doug Taylor/Head Coach

The new Head Coach Doug Taylor brings a lot of assistants from last year to his staff, including the previous Head Coach Ted Arneault.

“Well it makes the transition a lot easier. The kids aren’t real tight. They see the coaches interact with each other. Let’s face it, coaching is coaching. It doesn’t matter your age or school or whatever. I mean, everybody has their own style but it’s just getting used to how that coaching style is.”

Doug Taylor/Head Coach

The Golden Bears won just 2 games in the regular season in 2021. It seniors think this will be the year when the tides start to turn.

“This year we’re just working hard everyday. We’ve got people working out like every single day even in the offseason and off the field everyday. (We’re) just getting better and we’re ready to go.”

Colton Goodlin/Senior RB

“We’re putting the work in at practice doing two-a-days and we’re also doing stuff by ourselves. Like my teammates said, we’re out here on the field everyday and we’re also on our own lifting all of the time.”

Tristin McCauley/Senior TE

McCauley also says the best ability is availability for a better record.

“I think we can do better; injuries is the main thing. Last year, we had a good bit of injuries. If we can all stay healthy I think we can be really good.”

Tristin McCauley/Senior TE

Oak Glen’s first game is at home is against Weir.