Bethlehem, WV (WTRF)- What has only just become a hobby for a young girl is quickly turning the lives of those in need around.

It’s not something most 15-year-olds are into. But Angel is nothing short of extraordinary.

Once a week, she spends her days doing what she loves… crocheting.

“I like taking yarn, and making blankets out of it. I just like to make things. I’m always into crafts, and doing creative things.”

Angel, 15-year-old

She’s making blankets and a lot of them, and to her, it’s a lot more than just a hobby.  

“I really like the idea that someone is going to get this, and I know I made it all by myself.”

Angel, 15-year-old

She’s making a couple dozen, and from here, they’ll go into the Appalachian Christmas gift project. Blankets and any other items put together here will help those in need from near and far… places locally to even as far as Kentucky.

Angel is just one of the many volunteering with the project.    

Someone, who founder of the Appalachian Christmas gift project Diane Reinecke, calls a blessing.

“Oh, she is a gift. Trust me. Because we usually need about 1000 to 1500 blankets a year, and we’ve been lucky to get one to 200.”

Diane Reinecke, founder of the Appalachian Christmas gift project

Some of the Christmas gifts they donate also include personal hygiene items, as well as signed Christmas cards.

It’s a years worth of work volunteers put in until next Christmas. The gifts will eventually get into the hands of those in need… those like seniors, disabled, homeless, vets, and children. 

If you’d like to donate toward the special cause, you can too. You can send a check to Appalachian Christmas project at 395 Oak Ln., Cameron, WV.