WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – The Ohio County Family Support Center is a new program with the Ohio County Family Resource Network, providing a safe home-base for Ohio Valley families in need, free of charge. 

Their services allow for instruction, development, and self-reflection and this mission continues through their new 24/7 Dad classes. 

Every Monday and Thursday through March 16th Ohio County fathers will gather together for this evidence-based fatherhood program to explore the value of fatherhood and what makes an impactful member of the parenting team.  

”They are going to have an opportunity to really explore not only their past, but kind of the past of fathering in general on a societal level. Also, taking that and, kind of, building upon it in the future and then also taking that and critically thinking about maybe some changes that they can make in their fathering abilities, or maybe some things that they want to reinforce or continue with so that’s kind of the chance we’re giving today.”

Austin Richardson – Program Facilitator, Family Resource Center

Any father in Ohio County with a child 18 years old or under was welcome to join and every dad that completes the program will receive a $50 gift card.