OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — The legacy of a recently passed Ohio County dispatcher lives on today through the efforts of her co-workers.

Dispatchers described Virginia Burky as friendly, calm, and an animal lover.

And anyone who knows the love pets can bring would appreciate what other Ohio County dispatchers did in her memory.

They raised money to cover the entire donation fee for three animals in need of a permanent family: a cat named Ben, a kitten named Vincent, and a hound mix named Paisley.

The shelter says it will help potential pet owners to take the plunge and invite a lonely canine or feline into their home.

A lot of times people need a pet, they’re afraid to put down their money, you know, everyone needs a pet. So we’d rather them get a pet and put the money into taking care of the pet than have to pay the adoption fee if we can get around it.

Nelson Croft, Manager, Ohio County Animal Shelter

Croft worked with Burky through his time at the Ohio County Sheriff’s Office.

She served 27 years.