The Spotted Lanternfly has already been seen in neighboring Belmont and Jefferson counties.

These pests have a devastating impact on many plants, especially grapes.

Extension specialists say if you see an egg mass on a tree (which looks like a splotch of mud with parallel lines on it) be sure to take a picture and email it to bugbusters@wvda.us.

“Then you can scrape the egg masses into a plastic bottle like a wide mouth bottle and put a little rubbing alcohol in the bottle so it kills the egg masses,” said Ohio County Extension Agent Karen Cox. “If you just scrape them into the ground, they’re still viable and they can still hatch out.”

He says the adults have bright red under-wings and pale gray over-wings.

In the nymphal stages, she says they are either bright red or black, with white spots on them.

Karen Cox says take a picture, then kill them.