The AT&T Call Center building in Ohio County, West Virginia is closing.

Employees of AT&T told 7News that AT&T would be closing the building but employees would still be able to keep their jobs and work from home.

A spokesperson from AT&T said, ” We routinely evaluate our real estate portfolio and make adjustments as needed to align with the needs of our employees, customers and the business. The employees at our call center in Triadelphia, W.V.  are being offered the opportunity to work-from-home as we make plans to move out of the building.”

Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton told 7News that the Ohio County Development Authority had an indication that AT&T may be downsizing earlier in the year.

“The Development Authority is disappointed AT&T decided to move out of the building. The Development Authority plans to bring an effort to repurpose the space at The Highlands,” said Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton.

The building is expected to close at the end of June.

In August 2007, AT&T announced plans to open an inbound call center in Wheeling. The company hired 200 to staff the new facility in the new Highlands Development complex.

The call center was an inbound troubleshooting assistance center for wireless customers across the country when it opened in 2008.