WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Every year since 2008, the YSS board of directors has recognized Wheeling’s Good Samaritans and as we know, this year’s honorees are Bishop Darrell Cummings and Marc Abraham.   

The Youth Services System Good Samaritan Dinner brought the community together to recognize the work these men have done and to thank them for their continued efforts. 

Both Marc Abraham and Bishop Cummings have sat on the YSS board of directors as president for many years and have received this honor for continuing to live out YSS’s mission of creating better futures for children and families in our community.  

”It’s not one person, it’s not one entity, it’s not one nonprofit or for profit. We all come together to make a difference for the lives of others. So, for me to see everybody here tonight, it just shows me that we have a lot of people that absolutely love. They love the agency, and they also love Mark and Darrell.”

Tammy Kruse – Director of Development and PR, YSS Wheeling

”I actually feel very humbled to be here tonight, being honored as a Good Samaritan by Youth Services System Inc. is almost overwhelming.”

Marc Abraham – Good Samaritan Award Recipient

”I really think YSS has helped me be a better man, helped me be hopefully a better pastor and better leader. I learned things when I was working with them that I didn’t know before. They helped me in a great way. And I’m hoping that I’m pouring it back into them and making some small difference.”

Dr. Darrell Cummings – Good Samaritan Award Recipient

Marc and Bishop Cummings served together of the board for three years from 2009 to 2011, where Marc actually recruited Bishop Cummings to be part of it with him. 

Congratulations to both of these men on their decade’s long dedication to the Ohio Valley!