OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) A new source of food and some essential items have come to the Bethlehem area. 

The Bethlehem Elementary School, Ohio County Family Resource Network, and Grace Lutheran Church have teamed up to put a blessings box full of essential items in front of the elementary school. 

The idea is simple – anyone can easily donate nonperishable items, and anyone can come and collect whatever they may need. 

There is no income requirement, forms to fill out, or lines to wait in.   

Ohio County Family Resource Network Executive Director Claudia Raymer says this is a great way to answer some difficult questions. 

“How do we increase access to food for those in need? And how do we do it in such a way that people who are maybe feeling the stigma of using a food pantry, to lessen that?  It’s 24/7, it’s anonymous, and it also provides an opportunity… we know that people are good and we know people want to give back.”  

Claudia Raymer – Executive Director Ohio County Family Resource Network 

This box will be maintained by the student council during the school year to help them a lesson they can’t learn in the classroom – how to help your community.