WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF)- Bridge Street Middle School students were told to “get a life” today.

It was a part of their “Get a life” event that teaches them real world skills where kids played a real game of “Life.”

Students learn how to budget and problem solve real life issues. They pick an occupation, take care of bills and cops even gave out tickets! None of it was actually real but they learned valuable lessons.

Students got an understanding of the struggles their parents face everyday.

7th Grade Special Ed teacher, Stephanie O’Donnell is one of the brains behind the operation after she attended a training years ago and got the idea.

It sparks conversations at home, like why their parents do the things they do. We never realize how much they don’t know about real life skills. It’s amazing to watch them see how it works.”

Stephanie O’Donnell | 7th Grade Special Ed, BMS

Teachers and organizers say it’s amazing watch the kids use these hands on skills.

They also thank the many businesses involved for helping put this event together.