WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) Right now, 60.1% of Ohio County residents have filled out their census forms.

NAMI in Wheeling is offering help for many others who haven’t done it yet.

Perhaps they don’t have access to a computer, or to reliable internet service.

Maybe they’re experiencing homelessness.

Or maybe they received their census form containing their unique census number and lost or misplaced it, and they’re thinking it’s not possible to participate without it.

Perhaps they’re suspicious of the government and they have questions about whether their information will be shared or sold. (It won’t.)

On Wednesday, June 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., they can drop in to the new NAMI headquarters at 1035 Chapline Street, Wheeling, and someone will help them fill out their census form, from start to finish.

They say it will take only 10 minutes.

They say the office is on the first floor, it’s air conditioned and it’s completely user friendly.

There are free T-Shirts, swag bags and free items of all kinds.

No census ID is required.

They say it’s important to respond for many reasons, because government grants and even

Congressional representation is based on census numbers.